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Vince Mahan Mar 05 My Portfolios / Using the Portfolio

Change your number of shares by following these steps or you can download our step by step guide with pictures that is attached to this article:

1. Start by going to www.dailyfinance.com. Click on “Sign In/Register” at the top of the page.

2. Click “Invest” and then “Portfolios”

After logging in, select "My Portfolios"  and then “View all Portfolios” on the left of the front page.

3. Click on the + sign next to the portfolio you want to edit

4. Click “Edit This Portfolio” (This should be on the far right of your screen once the portfolio is expanded)

5. Click “Enter Transaction” on the right side of the edit portfolio box, next to the holding you would like to edit, followed by pressing “Add Transaction” on the next screen.

6. Enter your data. Be sure to complete the Date, Shares, and Price Paid Per Share. Tip: include a minus sign (-) next to shares owned to indicate a sale.

7. Select "Save" and you're done! Tip: If your save button does not light up bright green, try removing all commas, $ signs, and other characters from the fields. When your information is ready to save the button will light up green again.